WEEE compliance in the Netherlands

Fee structure

We are a non-profit organisation. This means that we draw up a budget on an annual basis, and use an allocation formula to divide the costs over our participants.


Any budget surplus will be handed back to the participating companies.

Low costs

SAR keeps the cost low by sharing. We share both staff and infrastructure with ZRN. This means SAR's participants only pay for the costs incurred specifically for their compliance. Another reason why SAR can keep the cost low is ZRN's economic scale. By becoming a member of SAR, you outsource most compliance activities to ZRN. This means sharing the overhead costs with 50% of the Dutch solar industry.


SAR represents transparency. Our accountant drafts an annual report, which we annually hand over to our participants. Do you want to have more access? No problem. If two or more participants want to have a detailed look, we provide full disclosure of all our costs. Anytime.